Blok Architecture

Find BLOK at 721 Broad Street
Durham, NC 27705

(In ADF Building)

Sasha Berghausen, AIA



Sasha's love of architecture began unwittingly at the age of one when he played with homemade blocks a family friend crafted of 2 x 4's. He cried when his large dump truck repeatedly failed to fit through the narrow archway he built, knocking the structure to pieces again and again. Nearly four decades later he is still playing with blocks (with greater success), although he has graduated to concrete blocks and city blocks, reveling in both small and large-scale creativity. In addition to a life filled with blocks, "Blok" resonates in other ways. Sasha's wife Sara has a Master's in Russian Literature and one of her favorite Russian poets shares his first name, Aleksandr Blok. Blok was intrigued by the shape of printed words on a page, as interested in their aesthetic as he was in their sound and meaning. Under the pre-revolutionary Russian calendar Blok was even born on November 16, the same day as Sasha.