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Sasha and his wife Sara purchased a dilapidated house that was half-rotten and vacant for eight years, known disparagingly in the neighborhood as “Disgraceland.”  Unfortunately Elvis didn’t have any association with 2009 W. Club Blvd., but Duke University benefactor Washington Duke did.  In the process of renovating the 1919 house, Sasha discovered it was built of salvaged material from Duke’s 1888 Fairview Mansion, located where the Chesterfield Building is downtown.  All the effort of raising two small children by day and completing the design and drawings by night (and more than a few early, early mornings) paid off: the project received a 30% NC income tax credit, a Pyne Preservation Award from Preservation Durham and is now listed as a Local Historic Landmark.


Awards: Pyne Historic Preservation Award, Preservation Durham, 2005.  Local Historic Landmark, designated by City Council in 2010.


Cover image photo credit: Frank Konhaus.


Phot credit (all others): Chris Ciccone.